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Achieve your goals: find a goal buddy

Yesterday, I received this email from my son.  He was home on semester break, sitting in the basement, when he sent it to me with a copy to his dad and brother. We’ve done “family challenges” before (see a holiday challenge) and often use emails to get it started.


For a handful of reasons including the fact that I would like my parents to live past the age of 65, Jack to suck in that gut and so I can put on a little weight as well as run more than a mile without my lungs collapsing, I think we should have a family workout competition.  What I’m thinking is that on a week to week basis we would have a workout requirement of 3 days.  Your workout could be anything of your choosing, swimming, running, soccer, weights, yoga.  But there will have to be approval from the other family members (sorry mom walking around the block does not count).  The consequence for not meeting the weekly quota will be a $5 penalty that will go into a pot.  This is obviously on the honor system of the parties involved so mom and dad no cheating.  I think the best method would be to set goals for ourselves to reach in 4-5 months from now and the person(s) who reach those goals will split the pot.  Just a thought, let me know what you guys think about it.


The thing is each of us already started to set personal goals, but it’s so easy to make excuses to oneself.  It’s much harder to come up with an excuse when you have a “Goal Buddy”. We’ve all agreed to start the challenge next Monday.

Last weekend, I met Pat Schmatz, award winning author of Bluefish, who shared her interesting twist on having a goal buddy.  As a writer, she’s developed a number of strategies to keep herself on track. My favorite is her Sunday night phone calls from her writing goal buddy.  On the call, they set their goals for the week and review their goals from the previous. No excuses are allowed.  I suspect they are both pretty political because if they don’t meet their goal, they need to send $5 to the political party they do not support. It’s working for them.  They’ve never had to ante up the $5.  When setting their weekly goals, they also question each other if they seem unrealistic.

Making sure your goals are achievable is an essential part of the process.  Success will help keep you working and moving forward. Everyone in my family has until Monday to tweak their goals.

I think mine will have something to do with weight loss… muscle strength….maybe chocolate.     I try and work chocolate into everything I do.

This Week:  Find a goal buddy to help you keep those New Year’s resolutions.



“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

The busyness of my holiday season has been completed as I just put away the last of the decorations and sat down to reflect on the past month and the upcoming 2009.  Whew!  How does the season carry me away with details, commitments and doing, to the point where I keep reminding myself that it was going to be different this year?  More accurately, how do I allow myself to be on automatic pilot?  At times, I feel I was not completely conscious and got blown in the winded impulses of the season, without checking my own vibes first.  Trying to make sure the kitchen was stocked when my children were home, the Christmas meal was organized, presents were bought and wrapped, holiday greetings were extended, traditions were attended to, and the list goes on and on.  BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE –  I remind myself.

Was I on auto pilot?  I was on auto pilot without being fully present in the moment with joy.  My head was on the next detail before completing the present detail and enjoying it.  Enjoying it…asking myself why am I doing this?  What is the joy I am receiving and giving by doing this?  A simple question is the key in opening up my joyful (or not so joyful) intention.  Then it is my CHOICE whether I decide to proceed with the “chore” or move onto something that elicits happier vibes.  Literally BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE in the joy of the moment or BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE into a shift consciousness.  Continue with joy or go onto something that elicits that joy with consciousness.  My CHOICE!

As the New Year is fresh off the press releasing 2008, it’s typical to look at the expansive year ahead and set some huge goals and resolutions.  The blank slate ahead seems to bring no limitations to change so that I can really make a difference. .. finally change into who I really am and start expressing myself more completely and honestly.

Although, haven’t I felt this impulse before?  What makes this expansive year different?  I am not sure other than it feels more palpable.

What if I stepped back and took a good look at the bigger picture and realized that I have already stepped into the creation of it?  I just have to take the next step.  The bigger picture is always there, one just has to get out of the way to start to see it, engage in it and enjoy it.

BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE in the moment with consciousness and focus on the vibes that made me feel good, one at a time.  The enjoyment and focus on the vibes that make me feel good with joy, love and fun, one at a time, turn into a day.  The day builds to days, then a week, and then a year.  At the end of 2009, it’s time to reflect again and know the progress of my 2009 goals and resolutions are just beginning from another new point they are expanded before me even further.   


This Week:  Remember creating our goals and intentions are moment by moment.  The small steps in creating build upon each other by CHOOSING what we want,  BREATHING in the choice and enjoying it.  See what happens by the end of the week!