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Modern Meaning Making

I’m thrilled to welcome Magdalena Ball, who recently published Black Cow, a book of fiction  which explores themes of family, relationships and the meaning of life.  Enjoy her post below.  

Every piece of literature ultimately is involved in the process of meaning making. That is, by using text and literary devices we create a story of conflict and resolution.  When everything is working well good stories take on the character of mythology–elevating the struggle between expectation and reality to something universal and powerful.  Our protagonists find truth through this conflict while our readers become active participants, synthesising their own stories in response to the text.   Good literature provides the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of who we are even as we lose ourselves in a fictive universe.  Following are a few key elements of storytelling that lead to modern meaning making – what I’m always aiming towards when I write and what I’m always looking for when I read.

Changing frame of reference

Good fiction encourages the reader to see the familiar in new ways. This can change mental models and open the way to further discovery, perception, and changing understanding based on what the reader experiences. The reading becomes a cooperative experience between the reader and writer as they collaborate on the “performance”of the reading.  It’s at that point where the fictive dream, as John Gardiner put it, becomes encompassing, and the experience of reading becomes a real experience for the reader, where the way in which we think and perceive is expanded and enriched.

Viewpoint and narration

The viewpoint and narration are not as simple as choosing which person to write in and which character’s perspective to view the action.  It’s also about creating a strong, rich facade that drives the story. The narrator can be a character, or can be simply the overall form in which the story is described. A strong narrative voice is the backbone of any good novel and perhaps one of the earliest, and most important decisions a writer has to make.


Great art is always transcendent. It goes beyond the personal and immediate and hints at something broader, beyond the immediacy of its story. To do this often takes subtle symbolism, picking up names, objects, allegory, cultural indicators, parallels, and situations to draw on the reader’s own cache of meanings and expand the work.

Of course not all stories will be elevated to mythic levels, nor will they necessarily create new meaning in the reading. Sometimes a book is light, enjoyable and instantly forgetable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However,  if you’re the sort of writer or reader who is always looking for something of depth in your reading – feeling, emotion, and a new way to describe, and understand what had previously not been understood or recognised – then meaning making is what the writing process is all about.

Magdalena Ball is the author of the newly released novel Black Cow. Grab a free mini e-book brochure here:

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Conscious Footsteps by Dianne Eppler Adams

When we open up to living with Spirit in our everyday lives, it seems that Spirit’s wisdom is all around us.  –Dianne Eppler Adam


This book is a great blend of spirituality meets practicality.  Diane has great suggestions for navigating the ever changing rhythm of our lives.  Easy to read straight through, I think this book is most useful as a bedside or coffee table book.  Read it in bite size pieces and then slowly digest it as you move through your day.  If you in need of some inspiration or comfort, Conscious Footsteps is the perfect book!

–Mary Jo



confessions_smI’m so excited, and I think you will be, too, because my colleague, Dr. Anna Maria Prezio is launching her book, Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster, today, May 12, in a Magnificent Journey of Personal Revelation and Spiritual Serenity to an expected crowd of 1.3 million people. . Not only can you purchase her book and receive her free tailor-made bonuses, but you will receive gifts from coaches, mentors and authors worth $13,680 and instant access to an abundance of wisdom from over 110 of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, teachers and experts such as Lisa Nichols, Ken Foster, Marie Diamond and many, many others.

If you want to create more abundance, harmony and prosperity in your home or workplace, this book is a must read. Empower yourself with the tools you need and discover the secrets of feng shui that ancient gurus first used to accelerate their careers, relationships, health and wealth.

Take a personal journey and discover how environmental harmony uplifts your spirits and raises your vibrations so that you can unblock and transform your life. Dr. Prezio will help you rediscover your hidden creativity and abundant productivity.

Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster is part memoir, part guide. It is a result of a life long journey that begins in a tiny village in Italy where Anna Maria experienced her first metaphysical phenomenon. The book is so compelling that I wanted to share it with you:

Part I captures your attention with a ghostly first encounter of an intuitive and vulnerable 6 year old. The culture and experience of the author growing up in a rural and mystical village in Italy where ghostly occurrences and stories were part of every day life sets the stage for what would be a life-long study of the mystical and divine.

Part II describes Feng Shui, like medicine, as both an art and a science. Here, the definitions and different sects of Feng Shui are discussed to provide a backdrop for the connection between environmental balance and the appearance of spirits. Through Feng Shui mastery you will begin to understand the metaphysical and hidden knowledge as it applies to all aspects of our life here on earth. In this book, Dr. Prezio teaches you to create a better and more harmonious environment to uplift your spirit and raise your vibrations. As a result, your spirit is naturally in tune with creation and your divine self.

Part III delves deeper into the correlation between environment and entities with ideas, cures and stories about ghost-busting from Dr. Prezio’s direct and extraordinary experiences.

This book promises to intrigue you from cover to cover. You will better understand yourself and the phenomenal world in which you live.

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Peace and Blessings,
Mary Jo