Dream Big Challenge – Week 2: Action Steps


“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope you are enjoying the Dream Big challenge.  Remember to leave a comment on all four dream big posts to be eligible for the prizes.  In step one, we envisioned our dream.  Now, it’s time for our next step.

Strategy for week 2:  Start with Small Action Steps

Dissect the pieces of the puzzle that create your dream.  This is an important step in making the process manageable.  I have a broad goal that relates to how I feel the moment I walk into the door of my home.  I want my home to instantly elicit in me a sigh of contentment.  So how do I get there?  I look at the goal as putting together a puzzle entitled PEACEFUL HOME.  This puzzle has lots of pieces, including painting, new furniture, getting rid of stacks of paper….and more.  It’s a long list and seems overwhelming, but as I separate it into little manageable tasks I can move forward.  I believe long before all the pieces of the puzzle are complete, I will have already reached my goal of creating a home environment that brings me a sense of peace.  Just beginning the process this week, has already caused a shift in me.


Carve out time and take small action steps.   It’s easy to get caught up in the belief that you don’t have time to make any changes.  Unfortunately, this belief can derail your dream before you even begin.  Jennifer Lawler, author of the Dojo Wisdom series discusses how a martial artist trains each day, even when old and disabled.  He accommodates his life for his art.  One of my critique partners is a lawyer with a full time job, two active young children, a wife and he still manages to write one hour a day.  How does he do it?  He gets up at 5 a.m. each morning.  He put in the effort to accommodate his life to his art.

So how can you accommodate your days for the life you want to dream into being?  Even 15 minutes a day will begin the process of transformation.  Why?  Through those daily 15 minutes, you are informing your subconscious that you are committed to your goal.  You will be amazed after a week of allotting only 15 minutes how much you can accomplish.  Build it into your routine (e.g.  shower, coffee, 15 minutes). If you are ready to change your life, you will find the time.

So this week start with small actions steps and create the habit of pursing your dreams.  This step may lead you to dreams more magnificent than you could have ever imagined. 

Enjoy putting together the puzzle of your life.  


14 responses to “Dream Big Challenge – Week 2: Action Steps

  1. I started taking those small actions at the beginning of the year (not counting the three years I have been participating and succeeding in NaNoWriMo). I made a list of monthly writing calls for submission or competitions and decided that I will submit at least one short story every month of this year. My big goal is to write my novel and get it published, but I’m taking small steps to help me learn and grow as I get to my dream.

  2. OK, small steps. I just took my book outline (at least I have an outline) and created a separate document for each main idea. Now I can take my accumulated notes and get them organized into chapters.

  3. When you break it down into steps the dream doesn’t seem so impossible to reach. Little by little you carry each step out and with hard work and a little hope you find yourself in the middle of that dream coming true.
    I so wish that for myself and all of my fellow dreamers out there.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  4. I’ve always been able to look at big physical piles and make lots of small piles to get to the end of a project but never thought of doing this with dreams…I’m in! Thanks!

  5. What a great idea! I’m going to use this to finish my first novel! Thanks.

  6. Wonderful post! Little action steps are the key. I always try to follow that system.

  7. I’m a small stepper too. Sadly sometimes I lose patience with both self and dream but here I am starting again, sighs…

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