Join the 4 week DREAM BIG challenge

Are you experiencing the midwinter blues?  If you are having trouble taking action or if some of your goals seem to be languishing, then it is time to join the Do North four week  DREAM BIG challenge. We are going to join together encouraging each other to go after one dream….one passion that is withering from lack of care.

Over the next four weeks participants will select a dream or desire to push forward in their life.  It could be a big goal or maybe it’s a small thing that you just can’t seem to tackle.   Often the minor irritations in our life are really blocks to achieving our bigger dreams.   Each week I will share new strategies and tools designed to drive your goal forward.   AND what would a challenge be without prizes at the end? Prizes include:

  • Do North mug – a reminder as you drink your morning coffee to follow your True North
  • Two Personal Coaching Sessions – designed to catapult your life forward
  • A guided meditation – Releasing the past…embracing the future (mp3 format)
  • A Godiva chocolate bar – Doesn’t everything end with chocolate?

To be eligible to win one of the randomly awarded prizes all you need to do is leave a comment on all four DREAM BIG challenge posts.   If your comment does not show your name, please include your first name and last initial.  You can sign-up through email subscription to be notified of the next post, otherwise just check back each Wednesday.  So let’s get started with this week’s strategy for bringing your dream to life.

Strategy for week 1:  Envisioning Your Passion

This week take some time and dream about what it is that you would like to create in your life.  In order to manifest you passion, you need to dream it into existence.  Maybe it’s a new job or relationship.  So, what does it look like?  If you are struggling with the particulars, then just image how it would feel.  Once you have an idea about your dream there are many tools to help you envision your dream.  Select a tool from the list below that works best for you.

  •  Create a Vision Board – Grab a poster board and add images, words, colors and anything else that represents your dream.    If you’re a techie and want to create something online, check out  It’s like a virtual cork board.
  • Use the sound device on your smart phone and record what your dream looks like. I call this creating a dream script.  When recording don’t say “when” or “if”, instead state everything in present tense, (e.g. I am…).
  • Use a mapping software to chart out the pieces that make up your dream.  There are great free mapping programs like freeplane or freemind.
  • Create a “day in the life” of your dream – You know what your dream is, so what would a day be like if your dream became reality.  Write it out or try jotting down a day’s schedule that represents you living your dream.

After you have finished this process find a way to interact with what you created each day.  You can put the vision board on your dresser or listen to the dream script each morning.  If you charted out the pieces of your dream, post the map somewhere or consider putting the “pieces” of your dream on post-it notes and sticking them on your bathroom mirror.  Just make sure that each day you spend a few moments reflecting on what you dream looks or feels like.

So, what are you dreaming into reality?   Happy Dreaming!

16 responses to “Join the 4 week DREAM BIG challenge

  1. Looks like a great challenge and some excellent ideas for keeping it forefront. I’m dreaming novel 3 (a novel that takes on the notion of dreams into reality btw) into reality though slowly slowly during the promotional phase for novel 2 (Black Cow).

    • I love the synchronicity. I believe just keeping a future dream in our daily awareness helps move it forward, even when we are really busy with other things. It helps us take notice of of opportunities and ideas that we can put into action when we have more time.

  2. This is great! Thanks much!

  3. I shared it on FB and Twitter!


  4. Oh my. My dream is to finish the book my husband and I were writing together when he died, and I really have been stuck on the particulars. Thank you for the suggestion to just imagine how it would feel. Relieved. Satisfied. Peaceful.

    • I believe that spending time focusing on how a goal will make one feel is important. I helps us clarify our goals, get rid of pieces that don’t support what we really want and sometimes leads us to a new path. I think its the hook that reels a goal in.

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  6. Well, a few years ago, I dreamt about losing over 100 lbs of excess fat and managed to lose over 145 lbs. Now I’m concentrating on my writing goals. (I even have a goal post on one of my blogs titled, “Dream Big.” lol”)

  7. I created a VISION BOARD a couple of years ago. I think it is time to bring that back out!
    I have a daily list where I log anything I did today that moves me closer to my dream. Whether it was creating art, research, writing, etc…
    Makes you feel good when you can visually SEE what you have been doing on your tougher days.

  8. I am a dreamer!
    I now have a vision board-corkboard on my computer so when I open it, my visions are here with me.

  9. Love the idea of a vision board- corkboard on the computer to start the day right.

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