A Thanksgiving Tradition: three things of joy

Sometimes family traditions have a way of slipping through the cracks of everyday life. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition usually began at the beginning of November.  Each evening over dinner, we would all share three things we were thankful for and then tie one red bow for each thing.  Eventually these bows adorned our Christmas tree.  So on November 18th, I emailed my kids (they don’t live at home anymore) and husband with my three things for the day and asked them to do the same through the end of the month.

As a mom, I’m the one who usually gets the traditions rolling. I’ve come to learn that things don’t need to be perfect nor do we need to do everything the way we once did to find value in our traditions.  Traditions are about connections.  They can morph a little, but returning to our traditions brings us closer together.

For more info the “three things” tradition, check out my post https://theadvantagepoint.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/a-holiday-challenge/

This week:  Review your traditions. Are there some that need to be nurtured?


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