Embracing the Journey

Is this the journey you want to make?  Invest in the process not the outcome.~~Kumar Rao

It’s funny, because I feel as I go through different phases of my life, I keep sharing the same messages in completely different environments.  As a child life therapist, one of my roles was to supervise volunteers who brought crafts and activities to the children in the hospital.  I had a group of senior citizens, some close to ninety years old, who came once a week to work with the children.  For many of the children, just being in the presence of these grandmotherly women brought them comfort.

One of the crafts that the volunteers would put together was making paper bag puppets.  Before the children would come into the play room the volunteers would cut out mouths, eyebrows and ears for the children to paste on the bag.  When a child would select an eyebrow and use it for hair or a mustache, it troubled the volunteers’ sensibilities and they thought they should correct the child.  I suggested that the end product was not important, but what was most important was the process.  It took time to convince this group of women, but eventually they delighted in the unique creations of each child.

Now, working as a mentor for adults, I find myself again sharing the same message.  Having a goal in our life is great.  We all need a vision, but what is most important is the process, the journey of our lives.  When we really engage in the process, our dream adapts, grows or completely morphs.  If we only focus on the outcome and don’t embrace the process then we don’t allow for the real magic of creation to happen in our life.

This week:  Pick one thing you regularly do, change it up and find the mustache in the eyebrow.


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