Choosing Joy through Laughter

Laughter is an instant vacation~~Milton Berle

Do you wish you could lose weight, find the perfect relationship or have more money?  Do you think that if you could have these things you would be happier?  I’ve worked with a number of people lately who said, my life is good, I have a good job, a relationship, money’s not an issue, but I’m not really happy.  They could spend years in therapy trying to find the underlying reason for their unhappiness…but would they find their way back to joy?

Fame, relationships and money all bring a particular energy to our life, but do not necessarily bring the energy of joy.  A life filled with joy is a choice found in the present moment.  Maybe your day can’t be joyful, but a moment can.

If you’re struggling with how to do this, one of the fastest ways to a change your mood is to laugh.  Try renting a funny movie, go to a comedy club or take a laughing yoga class.  I haven’t tried laughing yoga but recently went to Bikram “hot” yoga with a friend.  How did we end up there?  Groupon!  I wonder how many people have ended up someplace they’d never be, if not for groupon.

The temp in the room was 105° and my body drizzled sweat like a summer shower.   Face smashed in the mat while struggling to twist into the pose, I glanced towards my friend.  Her body contorted like deflated bellows of an accordion seemed disconnected from her bright red and swollen face. I couldn’t see the white of her eyes, just beady dots through narrow slits. I knew I looked worse.  I quickly turned away, biting my lip in an attempt to quell my urge to laugh.  I knew if I started to laugh there would be no stopping and I’m sure laughing in hot yoga is frowned upon.

As we left the yoga studio, we burst into uncontrolled laughter.  We laughed to our car and laughed all the way home.  Irregardless of the possible health benefits, hot yoga was definitely worth the laugh. As far as hot yoga goes, the jury is still out.

This week:  Once a day, check in and see how you’re feeling.  If you’re not feeling happy, find a way to laugh and feel the energy of joy.  It’s a choice.


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