Dabbler, Master or Something Else

If you hear a voice within you saying, ‘You are not a painter,’ then by all means paint … and that voice will be silenced.”  — Vincent Van Gogh

My seventh grade homeroom teacher’s passion was art, so whenever we finished our work, we could go in the room next door and paint.  The room was filled with prints of Van Gogh, Monet and all the masters.  I didn’t consider myself artistic and I didn’t paint, but getting out of the classroom was worth giving it a try.  I discovered I loved to paint.  The paint brush moving across the canvas quieted any voice of self- doubt I had.  I worked with charcoal, craypas, oils and temperas.  I sketched, painted, entered contests, and even won a few awards.  I didn’t consider myself an artist, but I loved making art. 

As I entered high school, I left art behind to discover the world of music and theatre.  Again, I loved the process, but neither considered myself a singer or an actor.  I started to write short stories.  This too was fun. I decided I was a dabbler of the arts.  I’d leave being a master to someone else.   Next I was off to college, where I discovered new passions and interests. 

Over the years, I discovered that there are many things that bring me joy.  I don’t worry that the title master may not fit.  Even if it were true, the perfectionist in me would have difficulty accepting that title.  I also don’t think being a dabbler is the best description.  What I do know is I continue to sing and dance, even if it’s just singing Camelot as I dance around my living room.  I occasionally pull out a sketchpad or paints.  I write, I cook, I teach, I walk in the sun.  I love to garden and arrange flowers.  An afternoon with a good book or coffee with a friend nourishes my spirit.  Do I have one passion? No!  But I have the desire to live a life full of joy and creativity.  I find passion in the moments of my life.  I’m keeping my eyes and heart open—who knows what I’ll try next.

This Week:  Engage in moments of joy and you might just find your passion!



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