Working from Ego or Spirit

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.– Jonas Salk

 I received an email from a student in my oracle class.  As suggested in the class she was pulling an oracle card at the beginning of each day with the intent of receiving guidance for the day.  A friend of hers questioned whether using the deck on a daily basis for was a smart idea.  She felt that she would become dependent on the oracle deck and her guides—instead of herself. 
An interesting question?????????????
For those not familiar with Oracle Cards, they are simply a tool to connect with your inner wisdom.  Oracle Decks generally have pictures and maybe a few words.  After a person pulls a card, I encourage them to check in with their gut and sense how the card relates to their life.  Pulling an oracle card each day is a way to strengthen you intuitive muscle.  The more we use our intuition, the  more we connect with our spirit.  We spend most of our days functioning from ego and “thinking” about situations.  This is just one way to help us function more from our inner wisdom instead of depending on our ego. I find that after years of including a card in my daily practice, for me, just the act of pulling the card centers me and connects me to my spirit. 


 This Week:  Try “playing” with an Oracle Deck and connect to your spirit!

Peace and Blessings,

Mary Jo


2 responses to “Working from Ego or Spirit

  1. I like the notion of doing something deliberate and daily to connect to my spirit. To me, this is where I connect to God and the more I connect, the more awareness I have of who I am in God at the very core of my being. I do not completely understand it, but that is okay because it is so amazingly awesome (words do not do it justice!).

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