A Good Belly Laugh

“Tears of laughter wash your eyes so you can see clearer.” — Sri Goswami Kriyananda

When was the last time you had a big belly laugh?  I’m talking about the fall on the floor, wet your pants, drool on your shirt belly laugh.  There are tons of books about the health benefits of laughter.  It lowers your blood pressure, raises endorphins, decreases stress and supports your immune system.  But what’s most important for me is it makes me feel good.  It puts me in a state of joy.  It’s impossible not to be happy when you’re laughing.  Fortunately, I have a middle-age brother who still acts like a teenage prankster.  Family dinners always result in a spirited belly laugh.  If you don’t have a prankster in your family and you’re in need of some raucous laughter, there are lots of options for hilarious fun.  Consider renting a classic funny movie or TV show.  Play the board game Cranium; there’s no way you won’t laugh when someone is trying to do a humdinger.  Engage in child-like play with adults or children.  Try spinning a hula hoop; it will definitely chase away the day’s bad vibes.  I found one at Walgreens. Too often adults forget how to play and laugh.  Leave us a comment about what makes you laugh.  Is there a movie or game that has you rolling on the floor?     

This week:  Engage in a cackling, fall on the floor, uncontrollable belly laugh.  

Peace and Blessings,

Mary Jo


One response to “A Good Belly Laugh

  1. Great clarification. I love to see clearly Marcy Lu

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