Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation

“There is nothing unknown to our inner teacher, and our

True Essence will never frighten us.”–Marion Ross, Ph.D.

shift-smallShift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation

by Tracy Latz, M.D. and Marion Ross, Ph.D.


This book is a manual for personal transformation that will empower you and radically change your life. Dr.’s Latz and Ross define the 12 Keys- the biggest emotional obstacles we all need to overcome move forward with new perspectives. This book gives simple and practical techniques which help people in transforming their lives. You will identify the source of your stress; and Drs. Latz and Ross give bulleted, targeted recommendations to show you how to get past the obstacles in your life along with real-life examples of how others have done so using their tools. This book can be used as an intensive personal healing journey during which you shift your situation or jump-start your life; or as a reference guide to be consulted one chapter at a time whenever a specific issue or challenge arises and stalls forward momentum in your life.  If you’re truly serious about letting go of sorrow, anger, low self-esteem, abuse or other issues that have led you to remain stuck, then you are ready for Shift.  Find out more:

This week:  Commit to one small step to empower you life!


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