Sniffing out Angels

 I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.  ~Michelangelo
We were having family over to help celebrate my youngest son’s 18th birthday.  As my sister-in-law, Debbie, walked in our front door she was immediately greeted by our 14 year old dog Freckles.  “You smell my angel,” she said.  My son overheard this exchange and came flying out of his room.  “You’re not going to tell me that you can smell angels?”   It turns out the ‘Angel’ she was referring to was her 1 year old Cockapoo.  Realizing his mistake he laughed and returned to his room.  I smiled to myself, thinking how remarkable this conversation was.  You see, he didn’t doubt that she had contact with her angels, he just thought smelling them was going a bit too far. 



Debbie regularly speaks with her guides and angels.  I don’t know many people who have such a direct connection.  Yet, it’s possible for everyone to dialogue with the spirit world.  It’s not really that complicated.  You just need to be open to and ask for assistance.  Guidance can be found in a church, temple, or a mosque.  I feel the presence of spirit when I prepare a family recipe handed down through generations or arrange flowers in a vase.  A walk by the lake on a crisp fall day or through newly falling snow is another great way to connect with spirit. There’s really no one right way to connect, just the way that’s right for you.  So whether it’s through prayer, song, dance, mediation or play, what’s important is that you are willing to set aside your doubt and be open to the possibility that the divine is there to help and guide you.

– Mary Jo


This Week:  Take a few moments to ask spirit for help.  After you ask, observe the world around you and see if you can discover a message just for you


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